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June 12, 2015
Snyder Ballroom
Snyder, Nebraska

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Snyder, Nebraska Public High School


Snyder 125th Celebration
The 2015 Alumni Banquet is in conjunction with the Snyder 125th Celebration.
For more information on the Q125, visit the Snyder Q125 Web Site.
Please come celebrate with us!

2015 Alumni Association Committee
Wayne Beck, Co-President
Delwyn Harnisch, Co-President
Dale Kassmeier, Treasurer
Susan (Minarik) Bayer, Advertising
Judy (Langemeier) Ilten, Secretary
Ellen Gross-Rhode, Advertising
Travis Kreikemeier, Webmaster

School Song
cheer, cheer for old snyder high
shout ‘til your voices
ring through the skies
praise our boys on every hand
for they are the best boys in the land!

they never falter, they never fail
they’re always happy, hearty and hail.
as our loyal warriors pass
onward to victory!

rah! rah! rah!